Lapiai Children's Home Support Foundation was established in August, 2013. The main goal of the fund is charity, support and other help provision based on Lithuanian Republic determinate order.

    The scope and goals of the Foundation are:

    • provide charity, support and other help, solutions of detailed plan;
    • plan and implement the Technical Project of Lapiai Children's Home Hostel;
    • organize, carry out and implement constructional work of the Hostel;
    • implement interior works of the Hostel;
    • organize and implement the furnishing of interior equipment of the Hostel;
    • to provide any other charity in compliance with the legislations and support and any other help by legislator determined order.

    A Hostel in Lapiai, Klaipėda district, is one of such spaces where slightly different rules apply than in real homes – here dreams come true far more slowly, here you have to fight for your place by the TV, computer, homework table, bad language and rough behaviour is not absent here. Here a love yearning child can hug you with his fragile little hands for a while and run away with his business after feeling the warmth of your heart. You can get such a chance to feel only by visiting that home.

    Children are fostered by the rules set by the society, as they are fostered in family. Most of children come to the Hostel from negative social surroundings. They are particularly affected, pedagogically forlorn, weak health, lacking communicative, hygiene, work skills, only seen dark colours in life, suffered cold, been vagrant, starved, grew up for a long time indifferent to good, beauty, other’s pain, so they have perverse understanding of values. There are children with no skills – communicative or social. They always need to be reminded to go do this or that. Then they consider mentors to be bad. Often they say „don’t tell me what to do!” Discipline seems incomprehensible to them: how could their life change so fast, after all, they used to walk the fields, nobody had control over them, and they would go home when they want. There are some who could sleep with clothes, shoes, dirty, if they were allowed. Sometime children cripple themselves, talk about death. It’s being tried to turn them back to life…

    To improve the behaviour and perception correction of such children, extremely thorough and creative specialists work at the Hostel, who make exceptionally attractive employment forms, pay a lot of human warmth, love, care and support. Active leisure of children is being organised, extracurricular activities: music, computers, drama, dance, and sport clubs.

    The school dormitory was founded in 1975, when special classes were established. Until 2001 only those with special needs lived in the school dormitory. With number of pupil decreasing, there were also less children with special needs, therefore children of disadvantages families were allowed in the dormitory (alcoholic parents, poverty, low salaries). Since 2008 a custody group is established – for children who temporarily lost parental care. During the school year 50 kids live in the dormitory. The children of the custody group live permanently, while socially supported children and those of disadvantages families go home. During the summer 26 children live without parental care. They are supported by the state. Projects are being carried out so that children could travel, take part in summer camps.

    The school building is over 100 years old. Since entering the European Union the dormitory does not qualify for the European standards. The state gave permission for this dormitory to FUNCTION UNTIL 2015. The dormitory is 330 sq., wrecking state, unfitted for child care. Nine children live in one room ( child has only a bed in the room), there is one common bathroom, one shower, 3 common use sinks.

    A new building is needed to secure the safety and health of the children and workers. According to the new requirements for the child care homes, one child gets 6 sq. of space. Children have to live in an ambient atmosphere, in households, creating conditions as close to those in a family as possible. Such project needs approx. 2 500 000 mln. Lt. The state promised to contribute to our good deeds…, however we have to make a start ourselves. We expect all of your support. Each child – is our future. Let’s help them; later they will help others…